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Chamber Membership

Becoming a member of the Mill Creek Chamber provides perks and benefits for you, your business, and its employees.  At its core, we provide numerous opportunities for local businesses to connect with city officials, local leaders, and the community at large.  Members enjoy a diverse set of benefits based on the various levels of membership offered; all centered around connecting you to your community and growing your business.

As a Chamber, we host and sponsor several networking, community, charity, and sponsorship events giving you multiple ways to get connected, interact, and meet new people.

Annual Memberships range from $250 – $1250 with multiple levels to choose from, providing options for all different-sized businesses.

Membership Benefits

Create Connections

There are clients, prospects, and partners out there who need your business, but how do you connect with them? 

Non-targeted advertising and hoping someone will walk in the door are not effective. 

Join a prestigious local business group full of fellow business members. 

Get Involved

Many things are happening in our community and there are ample opportunities to get involved. 

Getting involved is a wonderful way to help raise your business’ profile, but also to give back and be a bigger part of the Mill Creek community.

Become Visible

Your business can only be great if people know about it.  Membership provides several advertising opportunities on the Chamber’s website, mailing list, and other avenues. 

Membership allows you to advertise your business at various functions and events. 


Grow Your Business

We all want to grow our business. At its heart, membership in the Chamber generates exposure and increased word-of-mouth about your business.

For many companies in our community that means more feet in the door and contacts to improve your bottom line.

Benefits for your business


Still have questions?

Do you have questions?  Or perhaps you would like to speak to someone about Membership.  We would love the opportunity to discuss how your business could grow and benefit from a connection with the Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce.