Board Members

The following Chamber members serve on our Board and help many workings and events possible!


Heidi Butz
425-489-2569 work
206-491-1368 mobile


Kevin Giboney
206-914-2160 mobile
425-745-3366 work


Joni Kirk
425-984-3019 mobile
425-921-5732 desk


Michael LaMarche
425-357-1818 work
206-383-6938 cell


Stefanie McQuery
425-478-7296 cell
425-254-2065 work


Ricardo Pruneda
425-318-3344 work


Frank Simons
206-228-1678 cell


Bill Temple
206-375-4212 cell

Jeff Thomas
425-820-3400 cell


Loretta Wells
425-478-7205 mobile


Shelley Wingert
425-891-8011 cell
425-385-8930 office


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Mill Creek Chamber Of Commerce
Mill Creek Chamber Of Commerce

Thank You BDUB RELATIONS for your presentation today on Building Company Culture!
✔️Company Brand Promise
✔️Idéal Customer Expérience
✔️Culture Building

A well defined Company Culture creates employees who understand and deliver your company’s vision for ideal service!